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Dr. Dixon is excellent.  He has treated my family and friends for the past 10 years.  He is a concerned and caring doctor who truly cares about his patients.  His team is thoroughly impressive, their professionalism, compassion and high level of service has been consistent in my years as a patient. 
                                                                                                            A Happy Patient,
                                                                                                            Tracy Byrd


A remarkable team of professionals who communicate with each other and with patients on many levels. With 3 generations living in the same area and having a variety of dental needs from first checkup for a grandchild to dentures for me, it's amazing and unexpected to find a dental office that can not only handle the disparate needs of everyone, but do it in a way that makes you feel like family and lets you know they care. The staff, collectively, have kept our best interests in mind, whether it's appointment scheduling, insurance handling, or just a calming "Hello" as they pass by the room. In my 60+ years of experience with dentists, I've never had better treatment, and their prices are in line with any other office, so I'm surprised they even have time slots open to accept new patients. The grandkids had a great experience too, with the youngest allowed to sit on Daddy's lap in the chair while the Dr. Dixon did the checkup, and they left with smiles, eager for their next visit. How cool is that?!! If you're looking for a caring, professional, personable team to help you on the road of dental health, there is none better than Dr. Dixon and his team.

Lawerence W

I have been visiting your office for about five years now. I started seeing Dr. Dixon because he was recommended to me because he does the Lumineers. I feel that he and Jen did a great job and I have had no problems with them. Dr. Dixon and the staff have always been very kind, honest and gentle. Going to the dentist has always brought on a lot of anxiety for me due to a few bad experiences in the past. I am in the military and it is very frustrating going to the dentist on base and seeing some one different each time. I really like the consistency when I visit the office and puts my mind a little bit more at ease knowing your not going to make me feel like just another set of teeth to examine. Thank you for all that you and your staff have done for me.

Toni Fox

I am very impressed with the friendliness of everyone, but mostly with the pervasive professionalism. For the first time in my life the thought of visiting the dentist no longer is met with trepidation. Simply put-- the entire crew is one "class act"!

Manny Rubio

Friendly, efficient and caring staff and Dr. Dixon, of course. I like knowing the financial part of my commitment and everyone is helpful regarding finances. I trust his work. Dr. Dixon does and he shows how he cares by the pride he takes in his work. I appreciate the reminders too!

Sylvia Jo Miles

I am happy to report that the bridge you have created for me is comfortable and functioning beautifully. I'm greatful for it every day. Thank you again for your caring dentistry, and the way you always made me feel safe and comfortable. When I move out of state I only hope my new dentist will meet the high standard you and your office set for me.

Very truly yours,

Betsy Bowse

I have been coming to this office for all my dental needs for the past 28 years. What I like most is that throughout all these years I have 100% always felt that I've been given the best care. Dr Dixon and his staff are top notch in all aspects. I trust them completely!

I have never felt so at home, during my dentist visit with Doctor Dixon, and his wonderful staff. Believe, me I had a blast, yes, a blast it was fun and enjoyable. Can't wait to go back and I live in Sacramento, Ca.

Thank you Dr. Dixon! I love my Lumineers!

Dr. Dixon was very professional and did a wonderful job in making my smile more beautiful than I ever thought possible. He was very attentive in making sure I was happy with the results. I had tetracycline stains which could not be removed with bleaching, and spacing between my teeth. Since I have had the Lumineers, friends are noticing a bigger and brighter smile.

Thanks again Dr. Dixon,

Janet Anderson

My family and I have been coming to Speedway Dental for many years. We really enjoy the staff and the great service we recieve.

Destiny Del Castillo

Everyone at Speedway Dental is very friendly and professional. I enjoyed my experience. After I got my teeth whitened, I got many complements from my friends. I wish I had done it earlier. I highly recommend them to every one.

Angela Baker

Dr. Dixon and his staff are among the most professional healthcare providers I have ever met. The careful planning and flawless implementation of the plan is absolutely amazing. They make you feel comfortable and always have your interest foremost in their minds.

Kristen Fields

Dr. Dixon gave me eight new front teeth and I have never been happier. The office staff and assistants are all top professionals as well. I do not believe anyone from that office could have been nicer or more concerned about me. Thanks Dr.Dixon!

Anne Davis

Everyone is organized, on time, highly professional, and fun, what more do you want from a dental office! I give him a 5 out of 5

Dr. Dixon is an excellent dentist. There is no better word to describe him. My friends and family are amazed when I tell them I have dentures because my teeth look so natural.

Suzanne Alexandria

With six new veneers when I smile, the world smiles back. Thanks for several years of great service for both family and myself. It's truly a benefit to work with pros.

Ed Turner

Being referred to Dr. Dixon was one of the best things that has happened to me! I have visited many dentists over the years and none have provided the same caring attitude and professionalism as Dr. Dixon and his staff. Dr. Dixon keeps you informed in every step of the procedure. I've never had such a pleasant experience at a dental office until meeting Dr. Dixon and his staff. They are all wonderful!

Erica Hanes

I am very fond of Dr. Dixon as a person with a great sense of humor and impeccable integrity. I have the highest respect for his skill and knowledge as a thoroughly professional dentist. His dental hygienist is personable and competent. She makes the experience of having one's teeth cleaned a pleasure.

Everyone is friendly and so accommending. They all make you feel at ease, and take time to talk to you. The staff is efficient and polite. The office is clean and I enjoy the music!!! The environment is soothing and comforting, for a dentist office. Dr. Dixon takes an interest in his patients. When he talks to you,he takes time in explaining any procedure needed and is comforting. You look forward to your next appointment. Thank you


Mel Dixon and his staff are awesome. They are all very professionel and friendly, I feel like part of the family when I am there. Mel Dixon is the man. As an Actor and Model Mel has given me a Hollywood smile I can be confident in when I am on set


Dr. Dixon is cool and the girls are really nice


I really appreciate the quick response to a little complication that I had which caused your staff to work overtime. I apologize for everyone having to wait for me but that extra consideration tells me how conscientious everyone who works there is and as a patient it is very heart warming and memorable. KUDOS to everyone!

I liked the fact that every one was so friendly. Being somone who is blind i ask lots of questions. I usually have people getting annoyed with this fact. But you guys were polite and explained everything.

I was amazed to find a dentist and staff that helped me through my extreme fear of dentists and one i can trust.

Recently had a cleaning with a follow-up procedure. The cleaning was very extensive. The follow-up appointment was as well. As a business professional, it is appreciated the appointments are handled with thoroughness and efficiency. The staff members are very personable and kind. Thank you Dr Dixon for maintaining the peaceful office environment, which has remained since I was a teenager. This is truly a family practice.


Dr. Dixon is very informative about needed procedures. Everyone is very professional & courteous. The office is bright & clean, the decor is very calming & relaxing.


Somehow I never imagined that I would ever look forward to going to the dentist office but here I am and it's all because of Dr Dixon and his wonderful staff, everyone is friendly kind and helpfull and go out of thier way to make you feel comfortable.

Your office is very clean & organize. The Dental Hygenist is very knowlagble & she explains things very well. The entire staff is very welcoming & pleasant.

Thanks for making the transfer from our care in Alabama to Tucson Painless! My wife and I Am very greatful for the care that we have received in our first visits. Thanks for the email reminders


I love seeing all the employees... It's like visiting family. I have no fear of going to the dentist anymore! :O)

My appointment for a check up and cleaning was as I would expect it to be. I like the time they take and the care they give


Dr. Dixon's warmth and expertise are greatly appreciated, as well as the pleasant smiles and helpful attitude of the whole staff.




This is the first time I feel I have been cared for by a Dentist and his team of professionals who are truly working with me as a whole person. They've taken the time to understand my "anxiety", educate me, and even nurture me, especially Erin, who craddle my face everytime I was in discomfort after a novacaine injection. Dr. Dixon sharing his own personal experience with "reconstructive dental procedures" and showing me his beautiful teeth and smile encourages me to comit to this long process.

I am very pleased with Mel Dixon and his staff..they are nice..generous and they make u feel comfortable and at home..i cant wait to get my Snap on Smile..it will help improve my self esteem & self confidence again..thank u Mel Dixon & staff.


I like that you provide very personalized service. I've been coming to your office for something like 17 years.


I like the staff. They are all very friendly and seem to enjoy what they do. The office is very clean and comfortable.

They are always very friendly and know who I am.

Everyone is friendly and helpful and smiling!

I always receive an appt. reminder. I've never had to wait too long. Erin is an excellent Hygienest. All the staff is very curteous. I am getting excellent care in this office, so there is less stress involved in each visit.

It's always a pleasent exprience when i come. I not left in the waiting room to long, and the employees are friendly as was and the dentist!


Always professional and pleasant atmosphere and cheerful staff.

Everyone wears a smile and is extremely friendly. Makes you feel welcome

Jenn has wonderful follow through and is very patient. Dr. Dixon is sincere and an exceptional dentist. There is a reason why I have been with Dr. Dixon so long!


The hold staff was nice and helpful in all areas like setting up appointments and also calling for up coming dental appointments. What I like about your office is the new dental technology.

everyone is very friendly which provides a ralaxing atmosphere. You give special attention to each patient and work hard not to cause pain. I am glad I switched to your business.

They all have the warmest smiles and the friendly family attitude.


I love Dr Dixon and his staff!!


Everyone was very nice and I was happy to be seen so quickly. Very good experience and I look forward to coming back in a couple of weeks for my follow-up treatment


By Far The BEST Dentist Office! I Am Going To Refer Everyone Because This Has Honestly Been the Best Dentist I Have Ever Expierenced! Many Many Thanks!

Nicest group ever!!!! Makes an anxious appointment into something very tolerable. Love my jazz-man dentist!!!!!


The staff are very friendly, the hygienist took a lot of time to carefully explain each step to me, answered all my questions. The office is clean, friendly, modern, nice artwork and music, lighting, a very relaxed and even pleasant experience. You might even find yourself happier after leaving then you were when you walked in. Wierd but true.

I Love that everyone has the most warm and friendly personality ever, and when ever I leave I actually look forward to when it's time for my next visit. All of you are just the best.



I appreciate the friendly and comfortable atmosphere created by Dr. Dixon and staff for an experience that can be tense even for those of us that have gone to dentists for many years.

Dr. Dixon and his staff go out of their way to inform me what's going on. They have helped with short and long-term planning and are eager to assist in whatever way they can. Scheduling, billing and the procedures themselves all go very smoothly. And his taste in music is impeccable. I highly recommend his office to all of my friends and colleagues.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, in the office is so very pleasant. I love chatting with Dr. D. about jazz and he's got such patience! I know my insurance doesn't cover your office, but sometimes kindness and class go way beyond money. I am fortunate enough to have that choice.

I loved Dr. Dixon and the staff. I was worried about going to a dentist because my last 2 just tried to scare me. But I love how everyone was very friendly and took the time to explain things to me.

I always feel very cared for and about when I'm in the office


The staff went out of their way to be helpful. They are genuinely interested in making the dental experience as painless (in every sense of the word) as possible. The reminders, the follow-ups, the clear explanation of billing options and everyone's positive attitudes made the experience a positive one that I would highly recommend to friends, family and co-workers. (...and they played great music!)



This is one of the most professional offices I have been to...the staff is caring...thoughtful...FUN..makes an uncomfortable experience a nice one. Can not thank each of them enough for their expertise...applied knowledge..and just making one feel that they are a valued patient


Every person in the office greeted me and was very friendly. Prior to the appointment I received an online reminder and a phone call as well. The hygenist remembered me and seemed very thorough in doing my cleaning. She was helpful in explaining things as she worked. Excellent job.

I LOVE EVERYONE AT THIS OFFICE! I've never had a dentist office... be a place I *want* to go to.... :O) HUGE SHOUT OUT TO THEM ALL! (I'm not smart enough to use the dental water pik Dr Dixon gave me though... The first night I used it...I had water coming out my nose. :-O Getting better though.

Everyone is always so friendly. Thanks Mel, you and your staff are the best




I really like the sincere, personal attention and warm smiles the office staff give each client! As the patient, you never get that "I'm being rushed" feeling. It is also reassuring that the dentist follows up with a closing assessment of what has been done during the visit. It really makes the client/patient feel confident about the care and services being administered. Respectfully


I liked the way they worked with me on taking advantage of my insurance and helping me with my own financial obligation payment concern.

I love the atmosphere in the office, professional, friendly, helpful. I always feel like I am treated like royality when I am there, never just another client!

While going to the dentist is not generally fun, Dr. Dixon and all the staff make it a very pleasant experience. The environment is inviting and the staff are very warm and welcoming. And, Dr. Dixon's work is first rate...no complaints from me! Thanks for your good work!


Walking into the office there is always a warm welcome. As stated by numerous staff they all work together as one big happy family and it shows. I feel like every patient is an added part of that family. I couldn't have asked for a better dental experience.


Everyone is always so polite and cheerful. They work hard but efficiently. I never hear any complaining and the entire staff is incredibly professional

No waiting for my office visit. Friendly staff. Efficient and painless. You guys rock.

I like the ATTENTION Dr. Dixon takes to the work he performs in our mouths. He is VERY THOROUGH. Appointments are allways available and we are in quick.

S. Wamhoff

I never thought the words "I love going to my dental check ups" The office is always inviting not scarry, and the whole working staff is just off the hook awesome ! ! ! from my first visit hygienist Erin Kantola with her very caring demeanor, put me at such ease and didn't make me feel bad at all that it had been 25yrs since I last saw a dentist, and Veronica Tafoya the other hygienist the two times I sat in her chair, she also made me feel at ease and very comfortable, they are both a joy to be around. It's always such a pleasure to see that award winning smile on one of the sweetest front office managers I know Jennifer Calderon, she sets the tone and makes you know your gonna like it here. Dr Dixon has given me my smile back, did a re-root canal, made sure I had no pain during the process, and I didn't have to take any of the pain pills after the root canal was done. He made such and impression on me first time I met him at Dillard's dept store, and after finding out he was a dentist I knew that when the day would come that I would start going to the dentist again he would be the one I would go to. Dr Dixon and his entire staff have made me stop thinking of the word dentist to be synonymous with the word dread. I love going to my dentist office, thank you Dr Dixon and your staff. With warm regards

Alacine Deschler (Cinie)

My family and I have been coming to Dr. Dixon's for almost 10 years now. I have always had the best care under Dr. Dixon and his team. I never have to wait and I never feel like just another patient. Dr. Dixon and the girls treat us like family. The hygienest are gentle, thorough, and educational. The front office personal are understanding and helpful. Dr. Dixon's assistants always greet us with a warm friendly smile. The whole team is outstanding and dedicated. I would not trust any other dental professional as I do with him. That is why I keep coming. Keep up the good work.